Thinking about working for Ace Wilson Trucking?

Ace Wilson Trucking is based out of White, GA and sometimes will show Canton, GA.

Of course this is about the money, or in this case, the lack of it since the Wilson’s didn’t pay us our last 2 weeks which is over $5,000.  No reason was ever given, just never paid…going on 5 months now.  So if you’re considering going to work for Ace Wilson Trucking  ,here’s some of our experiences while we were there.

To start with, they bought us a used truck that they apparently hadn’t even tried to start much less test drive as the day I went to pick it up at the used truck dealership it had to have a battery put in to start it.  No, they didn’t replace a BAD battery, they just pulled out A battery and replaced it with one that came off of a pallet of cheap generic batteries and stuck it in there.  Heck, they could have pulled out the only good battery and replaced it with a new one for all they knew!

Next is fuel.  Not a drop in this trucks tank so it took this place several hours to find enough fuel to siphon out of other trucks to get in to it so it would start.  You’ve got to be kidding me.  Yep, if you go to work for Ace Wilson Trucking, this is the kind of stuff you can look forward to.  Anyway, I didn’t get out of town with it before it was overheating.  I stopped at a Five and Dime to buy distilled water just to get home with it.  Then halfway home it had some kind of oil leak that spewed oil all underneath it.  Well, we weren’t in this truck long as it was LITERALLY falling apart going down the road. A complete mud flap fell off driving down the highway! I also had to wire the stack on to keep it from falling completely off of the truck.

Then there’s your safety that’s at stake if you work for Ace Wilson Trucking.  They have you bring your truck to Atlanta to some moron mobile truck repair guy.  And if you have to stay in a hotel, that’s on you!  We found that out after this idiot took 5 days to rebuild the rear-end in the parking lot of a hotel!  Later we found out that we weren’t going to be reimbursed for the hotel.  Back to the rebuild, after we drove it for 6,000 miles it was time for a PM.  We had the shop check the oil in the rear-end since it had just been rebuilt and they told us that there wasn’t a drop in it!  They completely filled it up!  The moron mobile repair guy didn’t put any oil back in it after I specifically asked him if he had refilled it.

The same mobile repair guy put a brake pod on the truck at another time.  I was asleep but he told my wife that he didn’t have the right part to put back on it but it “didn’t really need it anyway.”  The part connected to the automatic brake adjuster so with nothing connected to it it just tightened and loosened as you bounced down the road.  When I found out something was wrong was when I was going down a mountain in Colorado and “smoked” the brakes on that one brake.  This is when I found out about the missing part.  Here’s the next surprising part.  When I called Mrs. Wilson about it and explained what their idiot repair guy had done and that I hadn’t smoked my brakes in 7 ½ years of driving, her response was a surprised, “really?”  Well yeah, really.  Any moron can smoke their brakes coming down a mountain but a professional doesn’t have to!

We know of another of their teams who had been driving on tires that were illegal due to tread depth.  They had to call the Wilson’s and force them to put new tires on the truck by telling them that they were parking the truck at the Commerce City TA and not moving it till they got new tires.  That worked but who wants to work for a place like that!?

Ace Wilson Trucking?  You don’t need the aggravation.  There are lots of better places you can work.

They should have just paid us.

This could be my last post on the Ace Wilson Trucking scammers

I should have done this long ago, but here goes.  I mentioned “R” & “W” in the previous post: that told about how they had worked for Ace Wilson Trucking for 2 months and hadn’t been paid for the last month that they were there and were about to leave because of it.

I hired them and they worked for me for almost a year.  They had been together as a team for 3 years but didn’t really get along and after many months “W” decided to leave.  We continued to run “R” as a solo driver but financially it wasn’t working and the company that we were leased to didn’t like finding solo miles for him as the truck was supposed to be a team truck.  “R” wasn’t able to find another person to team with so we had to let him go.

All this to say, contrary to the stories you have heard about Clayton Wilson and Mary Wilson at Ace Wilson Trucking, we actually paid our drivers everything they were owed.  And on top of that, if they didn’t meet standards for bonuses through no fault of their own, we paid them the bonus anyway.  If they didn’t have the miles to justify an advance, but needed money, we got them the money anyway.  They also each received  a very nice Christmas bonus, better than I’ve ever received!

“R” or “W” were never paid the remainder of what Ace Wilson Trucking owed them and neither have we been to this date.

They should have just paid us.

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Clayton Wilson at Ace Wilson Trucking says complaint is not valid?

My initial response to that is the same as U. S. Representative Joe Wilson’s (no relation to my knowledge) “You Lie”!

I Found this complaint filed against Ace Wilson Trucking on :

Ace Wilson Trucking, Inc. Complaint 202715 for $10,000.00

    • Reported Damage: $10,000.00
    • Date Occured: 01/18/2013
  • Clayton Wilson, owner of Ace Wilson Trucking, Inc. owes my wife and I $10,000.00 in back wages which he has said over and over again that he will pay. He never does what he says.
  • Ralph
  • Posted On: 01/21/2013
  • Posted by Scambook Investigator lisadott on 1/25/2013
  • I contacted Ace Wilson Trucking, Inc. at 10:14am by dialing (770) 608-1224 and spoke with Clayton. I informed him of the profile which he was already aware of. Clayton stated that they will be disputing the complaint as it is invalid.

I can assure you that Ralph’s complaint IS valid as well as mine, outlined at as well as “R & W”, their story outlined at;  and a link to Ralph’s complaint at, .

All these and many more outlined at ARE valid no matter what Clayton Wilson says.  He has been proven to be a liar which can be quickly ascertained by reading the posts outlining the complaints that I know of personally as well as posts I have found on the internet.

This is a warning…If you are considering going to work for Ace Wilson Trucking or Clayton Wilson or his wife Mary Wilson, my advice would be to save yourself a lot of money and keep looking.  They’ll scam you and leave you without pay that you earn with them.

They should have just paid us.


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So, apparently Ace Wilson Trucking DID lie.


It’s been almost a year now since we quit working for Ace Wilson Trucking and at that time Clayton Wilson told us that he couldn’t pay us because he had to figure out if we owed any IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) Taxes.

We told him that we had taken 2 hours to figure it up making our own spreadsheet during this time.  He replied that he had more trucks than us and it would take him longer.  We responded that it couldn’t be more than $1000, if any, so go ahead and send us the other $4000 that he owes us.  He told us then that if we owed more, he’d never get it from us.  That was almost a year ago and still no word from him…or money.

He also told us that if we returned his truck to Atlanta, he’d pay for a rental car for us to get back home but he’d have to reimburse us.  This is before we found out that he wasn’t going to pay us and obviously we still trusted Ace Wilson Trucking at this point.  Never have been reimbursed for that either as of this posting.

Clayton Wilson and his wife, Mary are driving for Southern Pride Trucking now, making good money I’m sure, but we’ve still not been paid and none of the people in my blog, Ace Wilson Trucking Review, have been paid yet, to my knowledge.  I’m sure of two of them that haven’t.

Please keep this in mind if you’re considering going to work for Ace Wilson Trucking or Clayton Wilson.  At some point sooner or later, you’ll be sorry if you do.

They should have just paid us.

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The Idocy continues at Ace Wilson Trucking

I recently talked to another team being bamboozled by Ace Wilson Trucking.  I’ll call them R & W, since they haven’t actually posted a complaint on the internet.  They drove for Clayton Wilson at Ace Wilson Trucking for 2 months, and at the end of the second month is when we met.  They were quitting already because, like so many others we’ve heard about, they hadn’t been paid for the last month!  If it’s like the others I’ve heard about…they won’t see a dime of it unless a lawyer can help.  I haven’t heard of anyone actually suing and getting money but hey, there’s always a first time.

We may be trying with them and their Attorney.  I put contact information at the end of each blog post but I haven’t heard from anyone yet so we can all go together and sue.  Hope this blog and all of the posts here are enough to convince you that driving for Ace Wilson Trucking is a very bad idea.  You’ll lose THOUSANDS in the end.

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Is Ace Wilson Trucking Committing Fraud?

According to Wikipedia, fraud is when someone intentionally deceives for personal gain.   I believe that this is exactly the intention of Clayton Wilson at Ace Wilson Trucking.  You can read of people in my blogs at; Ace Wilson Trucking Review, that they owe thousands and thousands of dollars to and for all practical purposes, don’t intend to ever pay.  They don’t return calls or emails or respond to letters sent by Lawyers and I continue to find new complaints listed in Google.  It’s business as usual for them as they continue to buy trucks, hire drivers and defraud them of money until they quit.

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Victims Just Keep Falling at Ace Wilson Trucking

This one was found at Complaints List by “darrin”.  In it he talks about answering an ad in Craigslist about driving for Ace Wilson Trucking and that they were SUPPOSED TO be paid $3600 a week.  I talked about the exaggerated pay in my post at “They learned about Ace Wilson Trucking before it was too late!”

Then he explains that they got good miles but on Friday, which was their payday, the owner of Ace Wilson Trucking, Clayton Wilson, would tell them that their fuel cost exceeded their miles so they would get no pay and actually owe Ace Wilson Trucking for fuel! Are you kidding me?!  So they’re paying for fuel out of the $3600 a week?!  Clayton Wilson would actually have them call the company that they’re leased to and have them get a cash advance to pay them back.  Unbelievable !

It seems like Ace Wilson Trucking comes up with a new scam every week.

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They learned about Ace Wilson Trucking before it was too late !

I found this link on Google about Ace Wilson Trucking  telling how this driver had found “HORRIBLE reviews” for them, I have to say, thanks to my efforts.  In the complaint that she filed she tells about the exaggerated pay that Ace Wilson Trucking had posted and how she sent a message for them to explain how they could pay so much, and a few other questions that she had and never got an answer back from them.

Well, “Over the road Pair”, if they weren’t so busy putting out fires that they create, they might have time to answer you.  Lee is the guy they hired to be the “firefighter” so they don’t have to deal with all the problems that they create.

I’m glad you were saved the trouble that we’ve had.  Good luck to you all.

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Here’s my complaint on Ace Wilson Trucking filed at Ripoff Report

It says:  My story is no different than others I’ve seen on “complaint” sites.  The Wilson’s owe me $5,000 for the last 2 weeks I worked for them.  They have shoddy repair work done on their trucks because it’s CHEAP, making the vehicle unsafe to operate.  They rip off their drivers any way they can.


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Ace Wilson Trucking School? They’ll Pull Any Kind of Scam to get your Money!

This person, identified as tam_35 at,  said that they actually paid Ace Wilson Trucking $4000 to train them to drive!  The deal was that after they got them a job at the company that the Wilson’s supplied, that they’d be refunded the money but of course dealing with Ace Wilson Trucking…of course they were lied to again and weren’t refunded.  A common theme with Ace Wilson Trucking!

They should have just paid us.          Contact me at:

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